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Interview with Ugandan Lesbian wins Award

Simon Kasyate reporter with The Monitor Kampala) has been presented the CNN Radio Journalist of the Year for his interview with a Ugandan Lesbian. The judges which included the managing editor of Nigeria’s Concord newspaper, praised the interview for managing “to break important stereotypes regarding homosexuality”. As we all know outside of the Middle East , Africa is probably the most homophobic region in the world in complete denial that at least 10% of the population are gay or lesbian. I have not been able to actually find a transcript of the interview, however Behind the Mask has the transcript of another interview with a Ugandan lesbian activist which is worth reading.

Some basics on Lesbian and Gays in Africa
Lesbians have been shot in Somalia and Northern Nigeria; Robert Mugabe describes gays as “lower than pigs and dogs” and Zimbabwe is unsafe for G&L. Museveni of Uganda threatens to deport gays. How do you deport your own citizens?; In Nambia families of lesbians have had them raped in attempts to “cure” them of their “disease”. In Tanzania there is a new 5 year jail sentence for anyone caught having gay sex. The only relatively safe place is South Africa where G&L have protection under the consitituion. There are however other countries where homosexuality is not illegal but this is simply because they havent got round to making a law rather than it be acceptable. The usually cry of the homophobes is that homosexuality is a European import which it is most definately NOT. What is a European import is christianity which is destroying African minds but thats another story.

Behind the Mask is an excellent resource for Gays and Lesbians in Africa.

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  1. This is a great discovery for me.I am also glad that you write about lesbian and gay rights activism in Uganda.Hey,I could get you a copy of my interview with Simon Kasyate which won him the CNN award.Plz keep in touch.