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Talk Left but walk Right

Pretoria Chooes Subimperialism

An interesting article that echoes my posting  "Mandela Retires". (JUNE 4TH – Comment)   Patrick Bond assess 10 years of post-apartheid South AFrica and comes up short.


Alternative strategies
Instead of selling $250 million worth of arms to the Iraq War aggressors–the United States and United Kingdom–and warmly welcoming Bush a few weeks after his illegal occupation of Baghdad, what if Mbeki had explicitly affronted Bush (as, to his credit, Mandela did) and chose to strengthen anti-war resistance and even U.S./U.K. boycotts in venues like the Non-Aligned Movement and African Union?
Instead of rejecting reparations struggles designed to punish international financiers, corporations, and the Bretton Woods institutions for supporting apartheid, what if Mbeki and his colleagues nurtured the anti-racism cause for the sake of repairing apartheid’s racial and socio-economic damage and to discourage big capital from future relations with odious regimes?
Instead of battling against protesters and African trade officials from Seattle through Doha to Cancun, what if Trade Minister Erwin tried uniting the continent and its allies behind an alternative trade agenda so as to meet popular needs, not those of global capital?
Instead of pooh-poohing debt cancellation as a strategy, what if Finance Manager Manuel joined the Jubilee movement, denounced bogus World Bank and IMF plans for crumbs of relief in the midst of amplified neoliberalism, and helped to organize a debtors’ cartel?
Instead of a NEPAD considered friendly to neoliberals but irrelevant by Zimbabweans hoping for pro-democracy pressure, what if Pretoria helped establish a bottom-up African program for recovery based upon partnerships among Africans themselves?
Instead of exacerbating the World Summit on Sustainable Development’s orientation to market-dominated business as usual what if the ANC leaders tried to harmonize and genuinely implement the agendas of poverty-eradication and environmental sustainability?