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We love you Winnie

winnie2Winnie has won her appeal against a five year jail sentence for theft but still faces fraud charges Winnie escapes serving jail term

ANC spokesperson comment on the case:

“Winnie is a tried and tested leader of the ANC who has gone through hard experiences and sacrifices in the process of the liberation struggle,” the ANC said in a statement. “Her experiences and leadership (are) valued by everyone across the racial spectrum in our country and throughout the world.”

I have always thought Winnie was set up because she was just too hot to handle, by pro-apartheid groups, SA secret service or even a fraction of the post apartheid ANC because she would be critical of their concilitory stance. Mandela was just released from prison then elected as President of the new South Africa. With Winnie at his side it would have been more difficult for Mandela and his advisors to adopt a position that favoured the interests of white South African and the West. Apartheid South Africa was was a violent racist dehumanizing place and to expect people to live in that environment and to struggle against the inhumanity and equality without getting dirty is ridiculous. Whatever Winnie did, she did it in the context of Apartheid and yes she like everyone else out there has made mistakes but these cannot take away from her courage. She was inflexible and forcefull in the struggle against apartheid and to free her husband and other ANC leaders and despite arrests, banning, being jailed and generally harrassed she never once faltered in her determination.

As far as I am concerned Winnie Mandela is a heroine to the South African people and to ALL African people. For Black women everywhere she is a symbol of their struggle against oppression, sexism and racism. Winnie has never backed down, never compromised herself with the authorities in South Africa yesterday or today and she has never lost contact with her people on the ground: the poor and the dispossessed.



  1. Great site, well done. I enjoy beeing here and i´ll come back soon. You do a great job. Many greetings.

  2. Kamilus Maby Pigay

    I was a novelist of West Papua. I live in Balliem Valley, Wamenana West Papua. I have graduate Faculty of Law University of Cenderawasih 2000. Winnie for me as Mother for Liberty. I have written a liberation series novel dedicated at her more for her great idea for South African Liberation. I have a dream a women and mother like Winnie of my people Struggle in west Papua.

  3. Kamilus Maby Pigay

    Dear Winnie, the women and mother who I admired. My name is Kamilus Maby Pigay, 28 yeas old. I know you more for your terrible pain. My tear have fallen down when I read your life of the LONG WALK TO FREEDOM and some book that translated into Indonesia. I know you are a great lady for Democracy triumph of the world eventhough you were subordinated by law and political. As writer/novelist and Political activist of West Papua, for me NELSON MANDELA and WINNIE MANDELA was became my political idol for my struggle in West Papua, Indonesia. I have written two novels book dedicated for you both. “NELSON MANDELA WHO I ADMIRED – A True Leader of the World” and WINNIE MANDELA IN MY HEART- Mother for Liberty” (A Struggle between love and liberation). I would like to see that your marrige on 14 June 1958 will be live forever more. I like those novel series will be launching in Johannessburg, South Africa. I will search fund for published. I would like if 14 June 2006 will became a monumental day for me when I found your wedding day will rising brightly when I launching my novel. Please prayer for me.

    Kamilus Maby Pigay
    West Papua Younger Generation

  4. Kamilus Mouby Pigay

    By: Kamilus Mouby Pigay, SH
    How can the heart refuse?
    The most famous name of the world
    A most respected woman
    The beloved mother
    Mother of a nation
    The genuine lady of the world
    The pretty black lady
    Her love so glorious and majesty
    A strength stream of spirit flowing of deep heart
    The love was holy and noble for freedom
    Only idealism liberation
    Winifred Madikesela Mandela
    The beloved mother
    The black lady who I admired
    The lady that I loved
    The black lady who I honoured
    I will remember you forever
    It will not forgot you name forever more
    O Winnie was our beloved mother
    All life dedicated
    Sweet love and affection sacrificed
    She sacrificed your soul and spirit
    To share her life and love for a better life

    Winnie was Mother of the nation
    Her heart as if allowed your sweet love lost
    Although her heart need sweet love
    She really needs a lovely embrace
    She needs your love attendance on your life
    But it has not lost of your heart
    Winnie was an unhappy woman
    Sweet love and affection buried harshness of world
    The genuine love gone away of your life
    All love and affection slashed world’s cruelty
    The heart were be sliced into tiny
    Those heart let be flooded fully sorrow
    Her soul shackled alone of an oppression
    In her dept heart bear more heavy trouble
    It was thrust your peoples suffering
    The heart readily bears whatever people’s burden
    All those allowed rip her heart for the people
    She was only an untouchable woman
    A real victim between love and liberty
    Her soul were suffered of longer time
    It most highest price an invaluable
    Without sweet love something will not be happened
    There was no love without sacrificed
    Winnie was a really unlucky lady
    Her sweet love returned in your twilight age
    It’s had genuine love found back after longer periods
    It was remainder between suppression and independence
    But she can’t found back your sweet love

    It was leftover of the cruelty ruin
    Her love unpleasant
    Her hearth become bitter found it
    Her life was broken down by cruel
    Maybe you allowed Lord this way
    She was insulted for your longer suffering
    No one not understand these terrible pains wisely
    Winnie was became insulted women
    Her heart so trouble
    Her inner heart sorrow
    She were ignored of her sacred prayed
    Her heart accused in terrible pain
    No respected
    Only suffering and sorrow belong to her life
    But, Winnie was really great lady
    She was the first of the black lady
    A great lady of the world
    All women have pain on pregnant
    As long nine months gave birth a baby
    But she had a great pain pregnant too longer
    She has great pain pregnant along over thirty six years
    She gave birth for liberty and freedom
    O Winnie was a lady of democracy triumph
    She was mother who gave a birth a freedom
    Mother who give birth a liberty
    Our beloved mother who gave independence
    Mother who give birth of people’s democracy
    She mother of South Africa Nations
    Mother of people democracy