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Women’s Rights – AU

Women claim victory at AU summit

Addis Ababa – In a major coup for women and children rights on the continent, the African Union (AU) hierarchy has agreed to unveil within 12 months, a campaign for systematic prohibition of the recruitment of child soldiers and the abuse of children as wives and sex slaves. Leaders have also vowed to champion the cause against women and girls trafficking for prostitution and to speak out against gender-based violence as well as establish an African trust fund for rural women empowerment initiatives.

60% of people living with HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa are women……

Women’s Rights
The women also raised the issue of gender based violence in conflict zones and their contribution to conflict resolutions and rehabilitation.

African women and HIV/AIDS

Currently, nearly 50 percent of people living with HIV globally are women, and according to UNAIDS, the epidemic’s “feminisation” is most apparent in Southern Africa.

“Close to 60 percent of those infected there are women, and 75 percent of young people infected are girls between the ages of 15 and 24.

“Despite women’s higher biological vulnerability, it is the legal, social and economic disadvantages faced by women and girls in most societies that greatly increase their HIV vulnerability,” stated the report.