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Another side of Zimbabwe

Members of   GALZ  (G&L association of Zimbabwe) were attacked and beaten by a hired mob yesterady in this year’s Zimbabwe International Book Fair.  Previously GALZ were not allowed to participate however the High Court ruled that the association had the right to exhibit.

A little bit of protest music coming out of ZIM?

Oliver Mtukundzi Zimbabwe’s No 1 crooner, the man with the deep voice of NERIA fame.   Mtukudzi’s song "Wasakara" (You are worn out) has been interpreted by some to refer to Mugabe though Tuku  himself denies this. 

Meanwhile, Thomas, Chimurenga, Mapfumo is in  semi-exile in the US has said in an interview

"It was easier in those days," Mapfumo said in a telephone interview from his home in Oregon. "Today we have a black government and . . . it’s even worse. It’s very irritating. You are trying to tell the people the truth, what is happening in their country, and somebody is trying to shut you down."

As the government have restricted political messages in music, other protest musicians have gone underground. 

ZANU-PF also have their own "propaganda" musician – Tambaoga