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Right’s of African Women

The Protocol on the Rights of African Women was adopted by the African Union in July last year. However it has not yet come into force as so far only 3 countries out of a required 15 have ratified. The countries are Comoros, Lybia and Rwanda.

A coalition of 5 international and African organisations have begun a campaign to urge the remaining African countries to ratify the protocol. They are asking mobile phone users across Africa to send SMS text messages to sign an online petition to this effect. The number to send the messages is +27-832-933934 with the word “petition” and their name in the message.

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  1. I love your blog! I have been searching for African blogs with a gender perspective and it is truly refreshing to find one such as yours. I set up mine today and interestingly, one of the first posts has been on the Protocol.

    Keep blogging, sister.