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Gays and Lesbians in Africa gaining some ground

A Ugandan pastor is using his church to teach tolerance towards the Gay & Lesbian community

You don’t say: `We support gays and lesbians’,” explains Milton, who says he is straight.

“You say: `We are concerned about people’s rights.’ Then, you bring in an example – like people who are doing gay things.”

The message, he says, is that people should be free to make choices about their sexuality.

“We tell them, if someone wants to be single, he can be single. If someone wants to be celibate, he can. If someone is committed to God and you are doing, for example, gay things, no problem.”


  1. save the world

    Gay people spread aids, amongst themselves and amongst the heterosxual community. There are so many issues affecting africa’s future, allowing homosexuality to prevail will only add to these problems.

  2. How do gay people spread aids amongst heterosexuals? First of all by far the vast marjority of people with HIV/AIDS in Africa are hetrosexual so homosexuality is not an issue in the spread of HIV/AIDS. Secondly you do not stamp out homosexuality- it is not an illness nor a crime. Being gay is not a choice – one either is or isnt. People dont wake up one morning and suddenly decide hey today I think I will be gay. One of the major propblems in Africa today is disregard for human rights which includes gay and lesbian rights, by our leaders and people. Respect for Human Rights by all Africans would be the beginning of solving many of the issues we face in Africa today. Finally sit down and list out all the issues affecting Africa today and ask yourself how being gay prevents us from arriving at a solution or adds to the problem.

  3. It is sad to know that there are still people who are so small minded, to still think that homosexuals spread AIDS. How would they spread it to heterosexuals unless the so called heterosexual people by day sleep around with same sex people at night then put the blame on homosexuals? if african people want to save this continent then maybe they should start coming to terms with the fact that not everyone is the same, not everyone is like you and just because they’re different doesn’t mean they are wrong. Culture and religion should be left out of these discussions because those are silly reasons to promote hate.