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Transvestite on trial in Kano


A transvestite faces trial in September in the northern city of Kano.   Whilst transvestites have always been apart of Kano’s diverse community (though like the rest of Africa, many would deny this  as  they deny the existence of gays and lesbians).   What is interesting here is the fact that Abubakar Hamza has become famous "with posters of him dressed in women’s clothes selling well among male admiirers"  and the fact that "he has lived as a young woman in the heart of a family for seven years, without his secret being suspected." BBC News

Abubakar has been charged with livng and dressing as a woman.  I wonder now what other transvestites in Kano will be feeling and whether this trial which is going to be the first of its kind will be the first of many and whether the reasons behind the charges have anything to do with the introduction of Sharia in Kano state.