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Environmental Mess & Dispossed communities in Ghana

A Canadian company, Bonte Gold Mines Ltd has closed down its mining operations in the Ashanti region of Ghana and left behind an enviornmental mess, debts to workers and failure to compensate local farmers for the 15 year period of their operation. The company also left a debt of $18 million to state institutions and local private companies. The company was ordered to liquidate on 25th March this year but failed to follow the correct procedures for liquidation before leaving the country. GhanaWeb

The company left the mining site of over 8km without bothering to rehabilitate and restore the area to its former state. The area is no longer suitable for farming and the surrounding ponds have been destroyed and left useless except as breeding grounds for mosquitoes. The Bonte case reaffirms the systematic and continuing negligence of foreign owned mining and petroleum companies in Africa, Asia and Latin Ameria. Bonte’s behaviour also raises the issues of

“collusion between state institutions and mining companies at the expense of the environment and citizen’s interest and concerns”
“the danger of giving in to the demands of the mining industry for voluntary codes (self-regulation) as durable instruments for envionrmental monitoring and performance.”

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