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EU Immigration Camps

France and Spain reject German/Italian proposal to set up a European Union Transit camp in North Africa for refugees from Africa, Middle East and Asia ie everyone who is not white. The idea was originally raised by Britain which is no surprise as Tony Blair , David Blunkett and Jack Straw et al are obessed with immigrants and refugees, feeding into the xenophobic and racist media that daily complains Brtian is being “swamped” by refugees.

Being a cynic I wonder at the (real) reason behind Spain and France’s objections to the camps. They have said that they would prefer it if the UNHCR took responsibility for refugees and also that the idea of a transit camp does not “address the root causes of immirgation which required development aid, would be legally complex to set up and a magnet for human traffickers” I do agree that it is necessary to address the “root causes” but the big question is how this is achieved and it is here that I would disagree with Spain and France’s approach through “development aid” again whatever that is we have had it for 40 years and it has achieved very little. The bottom line is people come to Europe because of poverty, social poverty and economic poverty and no amount of development aid under the present system of global capitalism is going to solve that issue. Migration News