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Jack Straw, I idid know of Africa coup

Link: Guardian Unlimited Politics | Special Reports | Straw: We did know of Africa coup.

In an amazing admission Britain,s foreign secretary Jack Straw  has now confirmed his government had knowledge of the coup plot to overthrow the President of Equatorial Guinea at least five weeks before the arrest of mercenaries last March.  At the time of the arrests  President Mugabe of Zimbabwe Spain and Britain of being involved in the coup attempt.  The question now is what exactly was Britain’s role in the coup attempt and also how far the US was also involved.  The stakes are high in this drama as EG is the third largest producer of oil in Africa and Britain has  more than £1billion in contracts in the country.

The involvment of Western countries such as Britain, the US and France in African coups has a long history but what is interesting about this particular coup attempt is the fact  it was planned by members of  the British elite "ruling class (including Mark Thatcher) and also that the British government having prior knowledge has been exposed so quickly.   For more on the players: Mercenaries, money and political connections

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