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African women win awards

Ms Delphine Djirabe of Chad has won the 2004 RFK Memorial Award for Human Rights for her efforts in promoting the human rights of Chadian people often at great risk to herself.

Ms. Djiraibe is being recognized for her work on the Chad/Cameroon Oil and Pipeline Project. Her multifaceted campaign encompasses fighting governmental corruption, ensuring that the Chadian people benefit from the pipeline and its resulting profits, and preventing environmental devastation resulting from its construction.

Ms Godelieve Mukasarasi has been awarded the John Humphrey Freedom Award in Canada. The award is given to any person or organisation who has done exceptional work in promoting human rights.

During the genocide Ms Mukasarasi, a Huti once married to a Tutsi, vowed that if she were to survive, she would open an orphanage to care for children whose parents were killed.  Although she did not have financial means to undertake this at the time, Ms Mukasarasi created SEVOTA, a support group for women and children who survived the genocide.