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Congratulations Professor Wangari Maathai


Today Prof Wangari Maathai will receive the  Nobel Prize for Peace.    (See Black Looks 11th October)  She is the first African women and first environmentalist to receive the prize and  is a founder of the The Green Belt Movement.   She described the award as

"It is a recognition of the many efforts of African women, who continue to struggle despite all the problems they face."

The award comes with a much needed monetary prize of about $1 million and I am postive that this money will be used to benefit the Green Belt Movement and African women

After the award  Prof Maathai will present the Nobel lecture.  If you are not able to hear it live, it will be on the Nobel website soon after.   A  concert hosted by Tom Cruise and guess who?  Oprah Winfrey in honour of Ms Maathai will take place on the 11th.  The programme will be aired on the entertainment channel which will expose Ms Maathai to millions of young people who otherwise would not have heard of her.  Lets hope the concert doesn’t forget to highlight  who she is and what she represents.

Prof Maathai will be touring New York City on  Dec. 18
– Dec. 22. Two more U.S. tours are planned for early 2005.   

An interview with Professor Maathai given on 8th October.

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  1. Josphat Muchiri

    I am so proud Professor. I wish you the best in your future environmental engagagements. once again thank you very much