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Gay marriage approved in SA

The South African court of appeal has approved gay marriage by changing the definition of marriage to mean "the union of two persons to the exclusion of all
others for life" rather than being between a man and a woman.   The ruling came about as a result of a case taken to court by a lesbian couple who wished to have their marriage legally recognised on the basis that not being
able to do so was unconstitutional given the SA Constitution makes
discrimination based on sexual identity illegal.

Churches and religious organisations have reacted negatively to the ruling calling it Judicial Tyranny
The Christian View Network described the ruling as

"The decision undermines the status of the good moral institution of marriage,
by equating it with immoral homosexual relationships,"

The South Africa is now the second country in two months to rule in favour of  gay and lesbian marriage which is now legal in Spain.   It is interesting as two of the most homophobic countries approve gay and lesbian marriage whilst countries such as Britain, France and Germany are still pondering on which way to go.  As for the US, the movement to prevent G&L marriages from being legalised is increasing in momentum and  the re-election of Bush will  boost the morale of the  homophobes and religious zealots in their pursuit of marginalising the G&L population even further.

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  1. Welcome Back! Canada legalized gay marriage. I think the US is headed in a direction that is more moderate than the rhetoric would suggest. Private sector companies (especially the largest ones) already have same-sex partner benefits. Public sector ones particularly hospitals are moving to loosen restrictions on family-only policies that excluded gay partners. I recently saw a poll that claimed about 75% of evangelical Christians would approve civil unions, with all the benefits of marriage. The sticking point is in the name.

  2. I did not realise Canada had legalized gay marriage which is great but I am suprised at the US especially the religious groups but as you say they would in any other name. When I was over there I got the impression that ending the campaign for gay marriage was going to be one of Bush’s main tasks. But the gay lobby is strong and compared to most of the world the US is a very very gay friendly place to be.

    It does however seem odd to me that gay marriage has been legalised here in Spain where homosexuality appears to be in a constant state of contradiction. Many G&L are running to northern European countries so they can live free lives. Yet other Europeans come to Spain to places like Stiges, Barcleona and Benidorm which have become kind of gay holiday meccas. On the other hand I have heard some horrific stories of Spanish g&l being ostracised from their families and communities. I think it is a case of accepting G&L as long as they are not Spanish!

  3. I was wrong. In Canada, traditional marriage laws were contested at provincial levels with some broadening the laws to include same-sex marriage. However, the Canadian supreme court just ruled opposite-sex only marriage laws (i.e. traditional marriage laws) unconstitutional opening the way for full-scale national legalization.