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We have to protect ourselves

Here is a postscript to "Postage Police in the US" and "Gay marriage approved in SA" from todays
UK Guardian  entitled "We have to protect people: President Bush wants homosexual drama banned" – Gary Taylor.

Speaking of bookfacism and homofacism all in one, the republican representative from Alabama, Gerald Allan has some progressive ideas about books and and homosexuals.

What should we do with US
classics like Cat on a Hot Tin Roof or The Color Purple? "Dig a hole,"
Gerald Allen recommends, "and dump them in it." Don’t laugh. Gerald
Allen’s book-burying opinions are not a joke.

Last week, Bush’s base
(ie rep: Gerald Allen) introduced a bill that would ban the use of state funds to purchase any
books or other materials that "promote homosexuality". Allen does not
want taxpayers’ money to support "positive depictions of homosexuality
as an alternative lifestyle". That’s why Tennessee Williams and Alice
Walker have got to go.

Did he say Tennessee Williams and Alice Walker? no wonder my books are on the hotlist despite being from regular bookshops and libaries – what hope for a littler bit of alternative literature then.

Asked if any of his children had been exposed to something in school that he considered inappropriate. No he answered but

"Traditional family
values are under attack," Allen informs me. They’ve been under attack
"for the last 40 years". The enemy, this time, is not al-Qaida. The
axis of evil is "Hollywood, the music industry". We have an obligation
to "save society from moral destruction". We have to prevent liberal
libarians and trendy teachers from "re-engineering society’s fabric in
the minds of our children". We have to "protect Alabamians".

Well one thing is for sure, right now this is  definately more scary than Al-Qaida.  Asked for examples – well actually in Alabama there arent any (no surprise there – with people like him around  who would stay?)  go on the internet he says. Well like Gary Taylor I am on the internet every day and like Gary I must be searching for other stuff as  I havent found "what is out there". But hey maybe this is what the representative from Alabama is talking about. Blogs like mine and yours, you know depraved and subversive stuff. 

For Allen, the web is
just the largest repository in history of urban myths. The internet is
even better than the Bible when it comes to spreading unverifiable,
unrefutable stories. And urban myths are political realities. Remember,
it was an urban myth (an invented court case about a sex education
teacher gang-raped by her own students who, when she protested, laughed
and said: "But we’re just doing what you taught us!") that all but
killed sex education in America.

I could go on – the more he speaks the more prattish he sounds, likening censorship to stop lights!  When asked whether Shakespeare’s "As you like it" which is to be performed by the Alabama State Theatre, is to be banned plus many of Shakespeares sonnets, Allen not surprisingly gets a bit confused.  Well I will assume he has heard of Shakespeare – this famous English playwrite and poet – but he clearly hasnt read any so he is a bit dumbfounded when presented with the facts of some of his literature. 

Gary Taylor:

Forty years ago, the
American defenders of "our culture" and "traditional values" were
opposing racial integration. Now, no politician would dare attack
Cornelius Carter for being black. But it’s perfectly acceptable to
discriminate against people for what they do in bed.

"Dig a hole," Gerald Allen recommends, "and dump them in it."

Hmmmmmmmmmm! dump the books, dump the homos, dump the……..ah heck just dump everyone and everything except ………..


  1. Nosher150

    I’ve just read the article in the Guardian and found what was being said as being almost unbelievable; a April Fool’s joke even. I do pray that it isn’t true!

    I would appreciate any pointers to the urban myth mentioned by Gary Taylor; is what Gary is saying really true?

  2. I know it is unbelievable – so reactionary. He interviewed the senator and is quotes him so yes I would say it is. I will see what i can find on the urban myth and let you know.