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Darfur crisis: political and state made

Mahgoub El-Tigani provides an historical and political analysis of the complex Darfur crises and contends that those who negate the ethnic component of the crisis are "irresponsiblely falsifying or obliterating the painful realities of the situation, and escalating the impact of racism in the Darfur scourge."

"The crisis is political and state made.  It results from the misadministration, abuse of authority, and economic greed of a governing elite committed against powerless Africans of Darfur"

El-Tigani gives a detailed historical explanation of the various political groups and where they stand at present particularly the role of the Islamist "Hassan al Turabi", secretary general of the present ruling party,  the  National Islamic Front,  [NIF] and leader of the Sudanese Muslim Brotherhood and who issued the following statement (El-Tigani refers to it as a "fatwa")

The Islamists of Negro tribes became hostile to the Islamic Movement. The Islamic Front aims to support the Arab tribes by these steps: forced displacement of the Fur from Jebel Merra to Wadi Salih, followed by complete disarming of the Fur people, for good; they are to be replaced with the Mehairiya, Itaifat, and Irayqat (Arab tribes). Arms must never return to the Zaghawa, who must be moved from Kutum to Um Rwaba (North Kordo-fan State); the Arab tribes should be armed and financed to act as the nucleus of the Islamic Arab Alliance.

El-Tigani also examines international reactions to the crisis of the UN, African Union, Arab League, The European Union, the USA and , China.

The writer argues comprehensively that Darfur is not "an accident of mass slaughter, enslavement, pillage and ethnic cleansing but rather "part of a historical continuum in which successive Arab governments have sought to entirely destroy black Africans in this bi-racial nation."   Although El-Tigani lists a set of solutions which he calls "A Sudanese Comprehensive Solution" such as providing safe areas, bringing those responsible to justice via the International Criminal Courts – all of which have been stated many times over by various organisations and individuals, he believes that ultimately the "final resolution to end the Darfur conflict lies mainly with the Sudanese people".

Sudan  Tribune January 2005

Mahgoub El-Tigani is part of a group of Sudanese intellectuals living abroad who wrote "Appeal to the World on the Human Crisis of Darfur" which was published on a number of sites including…… .Sudan Human Rights Organisation, SMLPToday , A Middle East Gateway for NGOsEuropaWorld