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Killer of FannyAnn Eddy charged


A man has been charged with the murder and conspiracy to commit murder, of FannyAnn Eddy the Sierra Leone lesbian and gay activist.   The accused man is an ex-employee of Ms Eddy’s who was fired a few weeks before her murder. 

FannyAnn Eddy, aged 30, was found dead on the morning of 29 September
2004. While she was working alone in the SLLAGA’s offices in Freetown
the previous night, her assailants had apparently broken in to the
premises. She was raped repeatedly, stabbed and her neck was broken.   A new report  from police in  Sierra Leone states that contrary to original reports, forensic examination has shown that FannyAnn was not sexually assulted and that she died by strangulation.      


Since our original Action Alert on the murder of Fannyann Eddy, IGLHRC
has learned from colleagues at Human Rights Watch that the Criminal
Investigation Division (CID) of the Sierra Leone Police Force reports
that the forensic evidence collected in Fannyann’s case does not
indicate that sexual violence was perpetrated against her.

Unfortunately, some of the information that continues to be publicized
about Fannyann’s murder seems to be inaccurate. According to the CID
(which undertook the investigation into the murder), Fannyann was
killed by strangulation. To date, the CID has not reported a "hate
crimes" component. As reported earlier, the primary suspect in the
murder has been arrested and awaits trial.

The violent death of such a public activist, no matter what the
form, will always raise our worst fears – that her outspokenness,
courage and visibility as an out lesbian human rights activist somehow
prompted her murder. Fannyann’s untimely and brutal death is tragic
under any and all circumstances.

IGLHRC calls on activists everywhere to recall the words of Mary Jones
and "mourn the dead but fight like hell for the living." The Sierra
Leone Lesbian and Gay Association is working hard to continue
Fannyann’s legacy. Let’s give them all of our support.

Ms Eddy was Sierra Leone’s most outstanding activist for the rights of sexual minorities, founding the SLLAGA in 2002.  Afrol News


  1. Ricky

    This is awful. Who would do such a thing to such a beautiful girl?


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  2. vio

    i’ve been reading a lot about this case and what i don’t understand is how these two reports- one put out in late 2004 and this newer one- can conflict so much. is there any information or maybe an opinion out there to explain this?