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Reports are emerging from Somalia that the numbers of people affected are far more than was initially thought and so far no aid is reaching the affected people.  The latest count is that 200 people have been reported killed but according to Alert Net   some 50,000 are in need of food, water, shelter and medical care.   The tsunami disaster comes on top of a 4 year drought in the country and this together with the endemic violence, lawlessness and the devastation of a 13 year civil war has exacerbated the situation in the "country".   Once aid does begin to arrive,  distribution  in Somalia will be extremely difficult as their has been no infrastructure or government  to speak about for the past 15 years.

The UN is appealing for $13 million to provide urgent relief for Somalia.  I don’t quite understand why the UN is appealing for separate monies for Somalia.  I am under the impression that all the funds donated by countries and people around the world is to provide relief for all the affected countries.  Surely it is up to the UN, all the aid agencies and NGOs who have received money to assess the needs of each affected country and begin to deal with and distribute aid.   

One excuse reported for the possible failure of aid agencies to assess the damage in Somalia is the presence of anti-aircraft guns.   These however did not stop the US from invading the country in 1993 and there is no evidence to suggest that the UN or any other aid organisation will be fired on by anyone in the country.

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