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Britain’s first film festival dedicated to Black Women

The 1st Annual Images of Black Women film festival is being held at London’s community arts center, The Tricycle Theatre in Kilburn. The patron is Black filmmaker, Euzhan Palcy (Rue Case Negres and A Dry White Season who has dedicated her film career to promoting all aspects of Black film.

“we have to find ways, we Blacks of the Diaspora to do films, to construct bridges, a beginning of film industry for us to be able to produce without being cut from the rest of the world”

The aims of the film festival are to:

· increase the visibility of African Caribbean women in film
· identify who the African Caribbean women are within the industry, where they are and their experiences
· create and highlight opportunities to attract more Black women into film at all levels
· help to retain and sustain them within the industry
· showcase established, new and emerging film talent
· unearth hidden cinematic treasures created by, or featuring, Black women from across the globe
· make film a family event
· increase knowledge of the role of Black women in film, both past and present
· host an annual film festival to coincide with international women’s week in March
· broadening the landscape of Blackness in film
· identify the next generation of talent
· a vehicle of empowerment

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  1. good job!