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Interview with John Garang

An  interview with John Garang, leader of the Southern Peoples Liberation Movement / Army  (SPLA/SPLM) of Southern Sudan.  Under the recent peace agreement  in Sudan, ending the 21 year old war, John Garang  is due to become Vice President of  a Sudanese government of national unity and President of the newly formed government of Southern Sudan.  In the interview he discusses the situation in Darfur and his hopes for a fair and just settlement  for the people of  that region and the future of  Southern Sudan.  The full interview can be heard on NPR.  Garang is adamant that genocide is taking place and the role of Khartoum in that genocide and it’s support of the  Janjaweed militia.  He also called for sanctions against Khartoum if the killings in Darfur do not stop even if he is part of the Sudanese government.