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Death of Wanda Alston – Lesbian activist

Black lesbian activist Wanda Alston of Washington DC was murdered in her home on March 16th.   Ms Alston wroked for the NOW (National Organisation for Women) and had just recently been appointed  to direct the newly established Office of LGBT Affairs at the Mayors office in Washington DC.   

Wanda_alston1 Alston was an activist on many fronts.  Her friend and former co-worker Patricia Ireland writes

When she plugged into feminist activism, I think she found a whole new world overall–whether it was LGBT, civil rights, D.C. statehood or electoral politics. She was an organizer like the rest of us and did it to keep her balance in an unjust world."

NOW  Vice President Olga Vives, called her an "in-your-face type of grrl whose energy and enthusiasm for activism was contagious."

Keith Boykin writing in

Wanda was the activist, the fighter, the strong black woman, the vocal
lesbian and so many other things. And yet she was still Wanda, my
friend. Wanda was one of the toughest, most determined people I have
ever met in my life. She would tell you what she wanted from you and
then she would demand your attention. But she was also very gentle, and
she spent her life dedicated to helping other people make their lives

A neighbour of Ms Alsto, William Parrott has been arrested for her murder.  Mr Parrott was a crack/cocaine addict and it seems money was the motive for the murder.

I never knew Wanda Alston but I know I would have liked her.    She is survived by her long-time partner, Stacey Long.  Her funeral is on the 21st March.