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Somalia – dumping ground for nuclear and toxic waste

Marian’s Blog has an important story  on the dumping of nuclear and toxic waste in Somalia by European countries: –   

Europe’s Nuclear & Toxic Waste Scandal in Somalia: Radiation Threatens
East & Horn of Africa

At $8.00 a ton (eight bucks) European companies
illegally dumped lethal, poisonous and radioactive wastes that would’ve cost as
much as $1,000 a ton (a thousand dollars per ton) to dispose of in the
white, northern world.

Reported in the Times of London "Somalia’s
secret dumps of toxic waste washed ashore by tsunami
." And all
along virtually everyone’s been ignoring tsunami effects in the Horn of Africa,
Yemen, etc. "The huge waves which battered Somalia after the tsunami in
December are believed to have stirred up tonnes of nuclear and toxic waste
illegally dumped in the war-racked country during the early 1990s..
." –
What was done in the dark will show up in the light of day… As I see
it the questions are: Which countries/corporations dumped it? And
who in Somalia was paid to allow it?