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A new project run by the UN is helping HIV/AIDS orphans to learn a trade and developing the much neglected agricultural sector in Southern Africa.  The project which started in 2 years ago in Mozambique and is now extended to Zambia and Namibia aims to teach orphans from war and AIDS all about farming.  The children not only learn how to sow and grow plants, they are also given the opportunity to experiment with different crops, short, medium and long term and use different growing techniques.  The courses last for a year which covers the growing cycle so they are able to see the fruits of their work.  Many of the children have said they would like to continue farming whilst others have chosen  other professions including art and theater thereby breaking the AIDS cycle.

In Kenya a group of former child soldiers refugees from Sudan have come together and produced an album called “GUA” that is  topping  the charts in Kenya and the UK.  The main artist is Emmanuel Jal and also features Lamkuoth Lam and Manasseh Mathiang.