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Celebration of Sembene Ousmane

As part of it’s BlackWorld Film Club the NFT (National Film Theatre) London is showing a season of films from Senegalese director and writer, Sembene Ousmane.  Ousmane’s latest film “Moolade” deals with female circumcision.

Set in a small village in West Africa, the story centres on a woman who
shelters four little girls seeking her protection (moolaadé) after
running away from the traditional salinde (‘purification’, or
circumcision) ceremony. The woman’s action precipitates a major
confrontation within the village community, between women and men, and
between progress and tradition.

Sembene Ousmane is one of Africa’s greatest writers and directors who uses his films to challenge centers of power by looking at how ordinary people can overturn the status quo and make a difference to their own lives and their environment.  He is uncompromising in his direction and portrayal of the post-colonial African experience.   An inspiration to all who sincerely believe that with imagination  another world is not only possible but essential for our future survival and harmony.

Kick the Middle Mind!



Florence Ayisi  co-director of the film Sisters in Law
has won the “Prix Art et Essai” award presented as part of the
directors fortnight at Cannes film festival.  The film follows four
court cases involving women and young girls and explored the work of
state prosecutor Vera Ngassa and  magistrate Beatrice Ntuba.



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  1. if any african artist deserves celebrating, it’s sembene. i read an interview with him in afrique magazine. i love how when the interviewer asked him a stupid question, he said so.