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A Nigerian feast!

Via Kenyan Pundit  many thanks for this one  – Other Africas:  Images of Nigerian Modernity

the Africa we normally encounter in museums–the Africa of masks and ritual objects displayed on walls and in glass cases–is a fetishized Africa of colonial nostalgia………..The objective of this exhibit is to offer images of Other Africas, perspectives that lead us away from the desolate and romanticized Africa of the Western imagination toward those places where African modernities are emerging"

   Some classic photos – go there it’s a feast      

                                                         two classic posters on view





  1. Joe

    this is brilliant! i lived in Nigeria for a year and have been looking for this sort of thing online since i got back – was beginning to think i dreamed it.

  2. Kenyan Pundit

    You’re welcome! It’s so refreshing and nostalgia-inspiring isn’t it? Now if only we can have the Kenya version 🙂