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Living with Aids

A new film by Sierra Leone film maker Sorious Samura focuses on the relationship between the spread of HIV, promiscuity and unsafe sex in Zambia.

The film sounds very frightening with sexually active children as  young as 6  years old and HIV+ men having unprotected sex on a regular basis.  Samura himself says he started having sex at aged 7.

Joshua leant forward, raising his voice over the blaring music:
‘Myself, when I finish drinking I just go for any girl and have sex
with her. I do flesh to flesh. There is no reason of using a condom
once I am HIV. I’m dying.’………..’So you’d prefer to take more
people with you?’ he shouted. ‘Don’t you have a conscience? Can’t you
think you’re destroying the world? You are sinking Africa.’

Samura’s film is bound to be controversial as it raises issues around lifestyle, where it is ‘normal’ to be  promiscuous, polygamy and gender inequalities.  The film also highlights the relationship between environment, poverty and HIV/AIDs.

‘The majority of poor people tend to live in single rooms and it is very difficult to have privacy……..’We [would] see elder members of the family when they were having sex. I grew up in that setting.’

He also challenges African leaders for failing to act on the HIV epidemic and for being in denial.

The documentary is to be shown on Channel 4 on the 27th June (UK). Since I am unable to see the film I would be interested to have some comments from readers who are able to watch it.


  1. I’ve just viewed Samura’s Living with AIDS on CNNI yesterday, November 30th. You can check my blog post for World AIDS Day 2005 to read about my reaction. That looks like a very powerful interview you wrote for World AIDS Day yourself. I’ll be back to read it later. Try to catch the CNN Presents airing of Living with AIDS this weekend if you have not already seen it.

    Good luck with your writing and your life.
    Ciao for now.

  2. Thanks to all of you for your comments which I have passed on to Rose – she very much appreicates that people have listened.