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Western Sahara

Scheming Morocco

Supporters of the Moroccan occupation of Western Sahara (Sahara tribal leaders, representatives of political parties, unions and civil society groups) held demonstrations on Sunday to protest

the scheming intentions and provocative attempts of the Spanish pro-separatist activists who are trying to visit the town despite the Moroccan authorities’ refusal to let them step on national soil………………….The organizers of the protest say that they have organized the demonstration in condemnation of attempts to influence the Moroccan people’s consensus on the issue of its territorial integrity.

This may well be but since the Western Sahara and its capital Laayounne are recognised by the UN, African Union, Arab League and everyone else except Morocco that consensus is immaterial.  As for the so called "schemers and provocateurs"  they  have been trying to enter the occupied territory in order to document the violent attacks on Saharawi demonstrators and homes on the 23rd May by Moroccan authorities.  It would be interesting to know who the Sahara tribal leaders,  Unions and Civil Society Groups are and the role of the Moroccan government in getting them to Laayounne and of course allowing them to demonstrate.

Meanwhile Reporters Without Borders has called on the  Moroccan government to stop harassing local and  foreign journalists working in Western Sahara where at least 10 journalists have been arrested in the past two months.

"It is essential that the Moroccan authorities set out a clear
framework for journalists covering Western Sahara, avoiding indirect
control methods such as having to inform the Interior Ministry prior to
their arrival in Laayoune," the organisation said