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Whats New with AIDS?

Kenyan blogger Bankelele has an excellent post "Whats New" on HIV/AIDS.

On the Economy

AIDS is related to trade, and follows routes of
productive trade; trading places like Salgaa and Mlolongo in Kenya,
which are popular stops for truck drivers, are known as pandemic
centres in the medical community.

On Drugs are scary

Anti-retro-viral drugs (for treatment of HIV) have very bad side effects which have even led to the death of some patients
One you start a particular drug cocktail, it is not advisable to switch to a cheaper, generic one
Overuse of antibiotics during pregnancy can cause fungal infections

On Bad traditions

“We were circumcised on the same day, with
the same knife” is a call to brotherhood that men often use. But such
practices need to be updated, so that, perhaps, one knife per boy is
used on that special day.
While the Luo are chastised for their wife inheritance customs, in
other communities
(all over the country) young widows (whose husbands may have died from
AIDS, and don’t know their own HIV status) have silent affairs,
cohabit, or even re-marry.

The Church is still very negative towards potentially useful practices such as contraceptives and is also not very supportive of HIV+ people. 
family members still show very little sympathy or support to their HIV+ relatives

Many employers still show very little sympathy or support to HIV+ workers.

Many government programs relating to AIDS are carried out without involving the views or efforts of HIV+ people 

Many hospital workers,  who are not AIDS specialists, show very little sympathy to HIV+ patients.