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John Garang Killed

Garang  Sudan’s new VP John Garang has been killed in a plane crash.  He had been missing since Saturday on his way back from Uganda.  John Garang led the Sudan Peoples Liberation Army for some 20 years.

John Garang is not the first African leader to die in a plane/helicopter accident – there will be many questions asked as to how this happened and more importantly if there was any foul play.

UPDATE:   Riots have broken out in Khartoum following the announcement of John Garang’s death.  Youths from southern Sudan are fighting security forces.   This is very sad news for the people of Southern Sudan and Sudan in general.   A great man and a hero of Africa has died.



Obituary: Passion of the Present



  1. I couldn’t believe it when I heard this earlier today. This is indeed very sad news, and it couldn’t have come at a worse time – just as peace was starting to look like a real possibility. I know we can’t say that peace was caused by one person – but Garang was said to be “the only” person able to hold the various rebel factions together. I just hope this doesn’t jepordise the inroads made in Sudan.

  2. clarius ugwuoha

    Since Garang had finally submitted to peace before his sudden exit, it is fitting then that utmost peace is allowed to reign in Sudan as befitting monument for this pragmatic hero and for a million and half others who lost their lives in the struggle.