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Journalists agaisnt AIDS

Journalists Against AIDS is an excellent informative website on AIDS in Nigeria West Africa.  The aim of JAA is to: 

is to contribute to the prevention, care and control of HIV/AIDS in
Nigeria by providing innovative communication interventions that will
facilitate positive behavior change to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS.

It provides news on HIV/AIDS, regional and national statistics and  resource materials including an active forum. 

The HIV/AIDS status in Nigeria today is estimated as follows:










HIV Population: 4,000,373
New AIDS Cases: 166,323
AIDS Deaths this Year: 140,179

The population of Nigeria is estimated at 120 million people.

People living with HIV are expected to pay N1000 per month for anti retroviral treatment (ART) from the government’s ART programme which is part of President Bush’s Programme for AIDS relief.  This cost is in addition to lab tests, medication for other illnesses and transport to and from the health centers.    JAA estimates these costs at a prohibitative N42,000 per annum or N100 per day. 

"These costs are far beyond what many of the thousands of people living
with HIV in Nigeria, who are on ARVs, can afford. According to latest
World Bank figures, about 66 percent of Nigeria’s population live below
the poverty line of 1US dollar (N133) per day.

It is total foolishness and criminal that the world’s poorest people have to bear such a huge cost for ART and associated expenses relative to their income,  whilst for people in the West all costs are free.  In addition to carrying the financial burden (many people loose their jobs once there status is known), there is the enormous psycological burden from your community and of course having the disease itself.    The solution for people living with HIV/AIDS is to sell their property, belongings, bodies, beg or simply stop taking the ART. 

People living with HIV/AIDS have petitioned President Obasanjo and his government to drop the patient contribution.

"Based on what we live through in our own lives and what we witness
every day in the healthcare programs we run, we therefore strongly urge
you to graciously drop the patient contribution. We ask you to make
antiretroviral therapy including laboratory tests and the treatment of
opportunistic infections completely free in the Nigerian public
healthcare sector. "We ask you to contribute to the fulfilment of the
Nigerian people’s Human Right to health by making HAART freely
accessible to all those who need it. The Nigerian public, especially
thousands of people living with HIV, whose lives depend on the success
of the treatment programmes, count on your goodwill."




  1. Don

    Hey, I truly love your site and your remarks. I wish you could find a way to get your opinions and ideas better known.

    What do you think of any effort to get Condoleezza Rice elected president of the United States?

    (signed – Don – an Idaho redneck)

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  3. We all are not an HIV/AIDS expert but I think global AIDS policy is not enough
    because we failed to control HIV/AIDS virus.We want to more & more struggle to control of HIV/AIDS virus.