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Africa standing tall


Over 300,000 people packed into Ghana’s Independence Square in Accra on Saturday  3
September 2005 for the marathon 15 hour Africa Standing Tall Against
Poverty Concert featuring Africa’s leading musicians, leading civil
society personalities and anti poverty campaigners. The concert was
telecast live on Metro TV, attracting a television audience of over
700,000 within Ghana alone.
















  1. I wish I was there.
    Your blog is brilliant.

  2. Some days my people make me very proud

  3. Herbert

    I am thankful to the organizers of this concert.
    These colourful shots made my day.
    I cannot thanks you enough for this wonderful blog.

  4. I stumbled across your site while reading some blogs and have found it very interesting. Nice site!

  5. wow, beautiful! I wish i was there too.

  6. yay! a great concert coinciding with my birthday! I’m feeling these pictures big time.


  7. vm

    do these events really make a difference? i don’t think so. for one day people are entertained, forget about their problems and are entertained. you want to help Africa? start by solving the corruption and nepotism running rampant. then fix the crumbling infrastructre in the areas outside of the capital cities. go to Ghana and say how great Accra is. then go to Kumasi and ask what has happened in the last 20 years. ask peole they wish the British would return and run things.

  8. Just passing through, cool blog by the way.

  9. jeez vm! negative or what?

  10. came across this blog via google’s blog search ssite. I am impressed and of course happy about the recent post about the Africa Standing Tall Against Poverty Concert. I am Ghanaian of course … thx for the pictures and I will track the african linux chicks site. is there any thing like that for African men?

  11. VM – Interesting that the only non African comment is such a negative reactionary one. Africa does not need or want people like you – please go away – quickly!

    Kofi – Thanks for the comment. no I dont know of a similar site by African men but there are quite a few African techie bloggers. Will send you more when I return from holiday

  12. Kojo Mensah

    I was there – massive massive turn out, great music – all Africa under one sky – who made Geldof king of our fate – this show sorted that one out. Made me proud but where were the so called international press? More of such shows!

  13. Anthony

    Guess what, 20 years from now, old man Bob Geldof or some so inspired musician will have to organize another series of concerts. The music will most definitely be good but many Ghanaians and other Africans will go home hungry.
    I’m against all this aid, debt relief, food aid etc propaganda that is being pushed down our throats. Let’s stop begging and start letting people know that we can look after ourselves.

  14. The concert was telecast live on Metro TV, attracting a television audience of over 700,000 within Ghana alone.

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