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Beatrice Mtetwa & Sandra Nyaira

 Zimbabwean human rights lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa has received the International Press Freedom Award issued by the Committee to Protect Journalists.  Beatrice Mtetwa has herself been arrested serveral times as well as being subjected to physical assult and harrassement. She has defened members of the Zimbabwean oppostion, jouralists and Zimbabwean citizens.

"In a country where the law is used as a weapon. Mtetwa has defended journalists and argued for press freedom, at great personal risk."…..Although skewed laws make her work harder she has persisted with championing the cause of the disadvantaged and this has attracted the wrath of authorities in Zimbabwe.

The World Service’s Outlook programme has an interview with Ms Mtetwa.

Another Zimbabwean woman, Sandra Nyaira, is the  former political editor of the Zimbabwean independent paper, The Daily Star. She left Zimbabwe three years ago and has yet to return.  In 2002 Ms Nyaira was awarded the "Courage in Journalism Award" from the International Women’s Media Foundation.

President Robert Mugabe’s government, after several unsuccessful attempts to muzzle the Daily News, finally succeeded in closing the popular daily in 2003 amid an escalating crackdown on the independent media. Family and colleagues warned Nyaira, who had already been arrested once on criminal defamation charges, that it would be foolhardy to return home.


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