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G8 Africa0

Remember last summer, G8, Geldof, Bono et al, white wrist bands, music in the park and oh yes something about debt, poverty and Africa? Well guess what it is now official  (before it was just a bunch of spoil sport renegades speaking!).  Live 8 – it was all a load of Tony Blairs’ dirty washing. Yes suckers the shit has hit the proverbial fan and lets hope it flies to all corners including the aforementione people.  But please be warned – do not hold your breath.



  1. We’ll see if anyone else picks this up, or whether it will sink like the proverbial millstone….

    Oh and by the way, great blog…it’s always good to see strong Naija women expressing their opinions and challenging orthodoxy..:-)

  2. Honestly, I expected nothing different

  3. Most NGOs are always in dire need of funds for their various humanitarian engagements. And all these efforts are commendable. And they need the endorsements of rich celebrities and most of the rich celebrities are not in Africa. They are in America and Europe. Sir Bob Geldof can donate $1 million with or without Band Aid. Bono can do the same.Recently Jon Bon Jovi donated $1 million to Oprah Winfrey’s charity fund without any charity concert. But most of the so called African celebrities either don’t have such financial wealth or they don’t even have the hearts to give to Aid Agencies.
    They have not even done anything for the less privileged in the ghettos where they came from. In Nigeria, when I was with the Unicef, we mobilized our own local stars (names witheld)and we hosted them at the Lagos Sheraton and they ate and drank. But, they hardly donated any money from their pockets. They just wanted to be recognised and to be posing and posturing about.

    Must we always wait for Sir Bob Geldof, Bono, Angelina Jolie and other Western super stars before we realize that we should help ouselves in Africa? And when they don’t include us in their Band Aid 1985 or Live Aid 2005,we pine and wine of discrimination or being left out?
    Who is fooling whom?

    Look at our rich stars like KSA and others who have made so much money from public patronage. What have they given back to their fans in return? KSA lived for decades in Bariga, a ghetto in Lagos, and he never even donated any funds to sink an ordinary borehole.

    Charity begins at home.

    Let us sacrifice to help and save those who are suffering and dying in Africa instead of waiting for Western Aid Agencies to come and spoonfeed us in Africa.

    Personally, I have spent thousands of Naira to promote an active reading culture among children in Nigeria and the fellow artistes I invited to join me, collected their artistes’ fees, without any compassion. One of them even dealt me some blows and snarled, “Na Charity we go chop!” And they just went about their selfish pursuits.

    We have Shade Adu, Seal, Keziah Jones and other celebrated international super stars with Nigerian origins, but none of them has ever thought of doing what Sir Bob Geldof, Bono,Angelina Jolie and other American and European super stars are doing for the benefit of Africa.

    Infact, I think most of our so called African super stars are intellectual morons and retarded. Clueless.

    Sir Bob Geldof, Bono and other Western super stars mean well. But, these Western political power brokers and capitalist multinationals hijack their philanthropic initiatives in the guise of sponsorships and use them for their public relations, image laundering and social marketing of their numerous products and services in Africa their dumping ground for expired or second hand goods and the largest market for their mass produced consumer products.

  4. Your praise of western superstars and dismissal of African stars is misinformed. All the western stars who participated in the G8 benefited more from that concert than any single African adult or child in monetary terms. Just the gifts alone they were given were worth some $20,000 per artist! How do you know what African stars give to charities in their respective countries? I can name footballers, musicians and artists all who give of their time, their money and their ideas to locally based projects – no they are not huge large scale million dollar schemes that hardly ever reach real people anyway but they are grassroots projects making a difference to small groups and communities across the continent.

    There are equally a bunch of western artists who can be described as intellectual morons and clueless not to talk of regular people across the world.

    Thumbs Down to Poverty
    African Standing Tall

  5. Of course, I know African footballers who are doing much for our people like Kanu Nwankwo and others.

    But, you just missed my point.

    Must we wait for Sir Bob Geldof and other Western super stars to do great concerts for African poor?

    Then, after that we look at the gift horse in the mouth?

  6. Have you bothered to check the links I left in my comment!

  7. Self hate is such a pity.

    When African stars like Seal and Sade Adu do their things on the hush no one says a word. especially Africans.
    It takes for Bob Geldof, to parade us on the tv like pathetic fools who cannot do any better, for Africans to say.. yes he is doing for us.

    Orinkile… you posts are wholly inaccurate.

    Why do we like to denigrate ourselves?.
    Does Seal have the same clout as Geldof? Can he walk up to Tony Blair and demand he do something?. Can he publicly insult the leaders of African countries without his family going through wahala?.

    Did parading African poverty on TV do anything for the dignity of Africans or how they are viewed?.
    Where is the money?.
    Do we want to survive on a diet of constant aid?.

  8. Sorry if I’m not willing to condemn Geldof, Bono, etc. for not successfully changing the world in the course of two months. They’re trying to do something positive (bearing in mind that they’ve been active far more than just organizing a concert). I’m not going to condemn someone for trying to do something positive, just because they don’t achieve all their goals in a few months. Far from it: I’d encourage more people, African and non-African, to become active in building a fairer world.

  9. Fair enough Brian but I dont think it is simply about condemning Geldof et al just for the sake of it. I agree that an argument can be made that they did try to do something positive. However it is a condemnation of the farce and the lies that surround the whole G8 debt deal and Live8 concert. A lot of young people trusted these guys and I think to a large extent they have betrayed that trust and betrayed Africa.

  10. “A lot of young people trusted these guys and I think to a large extent they have betrayed that trust and betrayed Africa.”

    Unfortunately the link to The Independent piece now requires me to pay so at this point, I can’t agree or disagree with your assertion.