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Immigrants abandonded in the Sahara

More than 500 African immigrants are found abandoned in the Sahara after being expelled from Spanish territory in North Africa. Thousands of Africans pass through Morocco in the hope of crossing to Spain.  One method is to jump the fences at the two Spanish enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla  where they  can be sent to mainland Spain usually to Grand Canary to await expulsion back to their home countries.  Another method is to pay about 2000 euros to cross the Gibraltar Straits where they are dropped of on the Spanish coast at Tarifa or Cadiz.  Both methods are very dangerous and many die trying to run these gauntlets every year. 

Only last Wednesday some 65 immigrants managed to break through the fences at Melilla and there has been an ongoing battle between the immigrants trying to cross and Spanish military trying to keep them out.



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