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Back again

Once again I have spent the past couple of days on my back – when will I learn? Its much better today but am still on limited "sitting" time.  The half full side of spending hours lying on my back (once the pain subsides) is I get  extra reading and thinking time which usually leads to  poetry time – so here’s  a couple I wrote whilst lying on my back yesterday.


Consider my friends the game of words
Stretched, primed
Juggled, mimed
Remixed, tricked
Conflated, elong____
Underrated, denigrated
Cut to pieces
Driven to niches
Hurled into space
Mixed up in race
Spoken by tyrants
Fed to migrants

Consider my friends the game of words!


Poetic Soul

A poetic soul
Bound for glory
Died without knowing

A disciple of justice
Lost in direction
Died without feeling

A child of love
Left on the street
Died without dreaming

A man of terror
Faced with hell
Died without caring

A woman of peace
In love with earth
Died without singing

A world of possibilities
Looked up and cried
I will not die.



  1. oh!
    oh! oh!

  2. thanks soul!