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Beatrice Mtetwa

Zimbabwe journalist Beatrice Mtetwa receives the  "International Press Freedom" award from the Committee to Protect Journalists.  The award is presented to journalists who have "who have endured beatings, threats, intimidation, and jail because of their work".

Mtetwa_webBeatrice Mtetwa, a prominent media lawyer, has defended many journalists in Zimbabwe who have been detained and harassed. In a country where the law is used as a weapon against independent journalists, Mtetwa has defended journalists and argued for press freedom, all at great personal risk.

This year, Mtetwa won acquittals for Toby Harnden and Julian Simmonds, journalists with The Sunday Telegraph of London, who were arrested outside a polling station in Zimbabwe during the April parliamentary election. The government of President Robert Mugabe, which severely restricted independent coverage of the vote, had charged them with working without accreditation.

Interview with Beatrice Mtwtwa



  1. Amazing—Freedom of press is an issue all over the world. Latin America doesn’t scape to that 🙁

  2. Good for her! Beatrice deserves such recognition in the face of such brutal chaos.