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Open Knowledge Network – Africa

Sharing local knowledge across Africa – the Open Knowledge Network is a multi lingual (Kiswahili, Tamil, Wolof, Shona and Ndebele as well as English and French) site for sharing knowledge on health, the environment, social issues………

"The information on the site is developed at a local level and offers applicable
solutions to local communities’ problems while creating a knowledge network in
Africa that is sustainable. The Access points where the information is
developed are found in Kenya, Senegal, Mali, Zimbabwe and Uganda"

Loads of tips and ideas on everything from growing garlic onions to overcoming bank phobia and what to do if your child drinks paraffin!



  1. oops! status 500 on the site. will check it when it’s back up.

    read some story about £55 laptops being developed by MIT (Nicholas Negroponte, Media Labs Project). if that happens then we’ll truly be digital. complimentary

  2. $100 laptops – search on for loads of stuff and for a more critical look at the idea