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Repression in WSIS

WSIS in Tunis is turning into a farce as the Tunisian government unashamedly hangs its repression  of the media and civil society out in public.  They have  been prevented  groups from meeting, an incident of a French journalist being attacked, local activists being attacked, participants have been prevented from taking photos, Gbenga Sesan reported how he was prevented from attending a meeting  put together by the Association Tunisienne des Femmes Démocrates (ATFD) and so it goes on.

Some civil society groups have collectively decided to cancel the parallel events they are organising.  They felt there was little choice as they wished to show their solidarity with Tunisian civil society groups and media who are unable to function due to the heavy handed repression of the Tunisian government.

RC conversations reports that an American company (Secure Computing with Smart Filter) has been supporting  Tunisia in its repression and cersorship of the internet. A report by the Berkman Center has just been released which states that the Tunisian government

prevents access to the majority — in some cases, nearly all — of sites on topics such as anonymizers and circumvention tools, political opposition, human rights criticism of Tunisia’s practices, and pornography. Tunisia’s filtering system is concentrated and quite effective.

Global Voices workshop "Expression under Repression" is meeting later today despite having heard that the "Tunisian government has expressed the view that such a topic is not consistent with the conference theme of “ICT for Development"