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Baby Faith died

Last week in the  Pambazuka AIDS day roundup I wrote about baby Faith who was being cared for by Kid’s Doc in Jos.  Faith and his twin are both HIV+ but Faith was in a very bad way with pneumonia. 


Faith died on December 1st World AIDS Day, aged 15th months.

"Faith died yesterday, in the ICU. Now his mom would like someone to
care for his sister. She doesn’t see any way she can do it all herself,
and find a job to support the two of them. I am so worn out this week,
I’m sad about Faith, at the same time feel bad that I no longer feel
the full impact of a child’s death. And I wonder how I can even be
sorry for myself being tired and failing to save Faith, when the
mother’s loss is so great. Most of her “support team”, counselors from
Spring of Life, left for the all-Africa AIDS conference in Abuja the
morning after Faith died, so she’s lacking even that support right now."

When I wrote about Faith last week I never thought about him dying and now he is gone and  my heart is so heavy.  He never stood a chance



  1. How unspeakably sad. I have a friend living with AIDS – and his prognosis isn’t good. But at least he has had a full life – as short as it may turn out to be. That child whistled by in an instant. It just isn’t right.

  2. It is very sad. Sometimes we can not do much to change a situation, like this one. But with all the love that child received in his short life, he really accomplished what he came here for: to teach Us about love and compassion, to show Us how fortunate we are with our lives. I am sure he touched many many people. With his short life, and big soul he changed the lives of many. He is with God now, he is fine.

  3. Thank you – yes I believe you are right – he is safe now and at peace.