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Massacre in Cairo

This weeks Pambabzuka News has two excellent pieces on the massacre of Sudanese refugees in Cairo last week

An detailed eyewitness account of the massacre of Sudanese refugees in Cairo

never stopped; the most acute were children’s. My eyes couldn’t follow
where or where to look. It was cold. It was dark. Soldiers were brutal.
They were just beating anyone anywhere, stepping over anyone and

and Eva Dadrian remembering the massacre in Mustapha Mahmoud Park writes

is an insult insult to the memory of those killed that the very regime
which originally led to their flight to Egypt will soon be hosting an
African Union Summit (in Khartoum, 14-16 January)".

and wonders if the Heads of State gathering in Khartoum will hold a 1 minutes silence in memory of the dead?

"I wonder whether any one of them will sense that 60 seconds is more
than enough for a police truncheon to cut short the life of an African

doubt they will give the refugees a second thought! If African leaders
cared one iota about the citizens of their respective countries,  the
AU summit would not be taking place in Khartoum in the first place, certainly not after the massacre.  As for Egypt and Sudan their behaviour towards the refugees is contemptuous and racist.   Khartoum rather than make a formal protest against Egypt, is busy apologising for the refugees being there in the first place.

The Sudanese government’s reaction is regrettable and disappointing. The statements of the Sudanese minister of state for foreign affairs were apologetic to the Egyptian government, absolving its massacre and criticizing the victims. It is a shameful stand by any standard. The Sudanese government is supposed to defend its citizens and demand a joint Egyptian-Sudanese investigation committee to discover the reasons that led to the death of 10 citizens and the injuries to more than 50, among them children who were hit on the head.

The UNHCR  also has to be held responsible
for the deaths of the refugees for refusing  to review asylum
applications not just in this instance but continuously over the past 5 years. 



  1. Were these protesters violent or did they constitute serious threat to others? Absolutely NO!

    I have long detest the high-handedness of our Arab next of kin and their attitude and policies toward refugees and immigrants from Sub- Saharan Africa. Shame on them! And for the Sudan government to apologize to the Egyptians, it is simply tragic and shame on them too!!!

  2. Can I safely say that this is a black thing? Does Egypt treat all of its refugees like this or only black people? But then again, I though Egypt had black people in its country?

    I am confused…

  3. There are Black people in Egypt but I understand they are very much discriminated against. I dont know how Egypt treats it’s other refugees but I do know that the treatment of Black refugees is apalling not just the Sudanese but refugees from West African countries such as Sierra Leone, Liberia and Ivory Coast. We should also note the failure of UNHCR to protect the Sudanese and other African refugees in Egypt and Morocco.