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Planetary Voices Radio

Planetary Voices Radio is an environmental/human rights/social justice website with interviews and background information.  It is not clear who exactly is behind the site but the interview with Letlapa Mphahlele (fighter with the armed wing of the PAC, the Azania People’s Liberation Army, APLA,  is  worth listening to.  He discusses his time as a liberation fighter also covered in his autobiography, "Child of the Soil".


  1. The ignorance of our “educated” people shouldn’t surprise anyone. Change will only come with awareness; my question is WHAT WILL YOU CONTRIBUTE TO HELP MAKE NIGERIA GREAT? We are living in a new information age where educating our people should be priority. I do not mean PhDs have not changed people lives. This new information society will aid the removal of all old & young stupid leaders.

  2. Leo

    Very cool blog. As a black feminist, I’m curious what you think of the Around Her Finger Movement. Particularly in light of the reputation for black women to take the dominant role in male/female relationships.

  3. Not sure I understand your comment or how it relates to this post – who are you and what are you doing?

  4. I believe that we should be moving to equality in relationships, sharing, working together – you know this is 21st C. The idea that Black women have a reputation for taking the dominant role in a relationship is one of those racists, sexists myths that I have neither the inclination nor the time to discuss – move on please!

  5. Hi owukori, couldn’t find your eml, hence my writing here;-) Sorry that the post is unrelated…

    I am sorry for having accused GV, and by extension you of having motives, but to be fair, I find the blogger quirk odd–that when a blogger writes abt a particular country, it is filed under the country they wrote about–and NOT their original country…

    could u please explain that to me–for example this post of mine going under DRC, when I am not a DRC blogger!! That’s very odd.

    My attitude stemmed from one point back in October, when the unfortunate plane crash that killed all members on board in Nigeria took place. Some Nigerian bloggers praise the insightful nature of my post “We are all Nigerians Today”, yet Global Voices DID NOT COVER IT AT ALL!! To boot, in the round-up, they mentioned all those Nigerian bloggers that commented on my blog, but failed to mention the Ghanaian entry that apparently made an impact on them.

    That hurt!

    ALso, look we are all West AFricans, but it’s clear that sometimes prejudices abound…i usually take it in good faith, but sometimes, depending on my mood, I don’t. Regrettably, denizen Ghanain bloggers don’t blog as regularly as I do. I hold a full-time job, and make time for this blog, which is my SECOND blog.

    When I was in Tunis for the WSIS, for example, I wanted to ensure that visitors could get a sense of the daily grind, so I was blogging every day–both on this ekbensahinghana, plus the one, yet one reviewer only referred to the very first entry ONCE, when I was blogging EVERY DAY…

    so you see, my attitude is not without foundation…if I complained, then it is becuase I have at times felt there to be one–Nigerian bloggers do a FAR better job, IMHO, than my Ghanaian compatriots, so I think it’s very easy sometimes to forget the underdog–as it were…

    hope u understand me…

    have a good day!

  6. Sara

    I have great hopes for Emily Addison’s Around Her Finger movement. Woman led marriages make more sense, and more importantly, it is what most women and most men want in a relationship.