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Octavia Butler: 1947-2006

Octavia_butlerAfrican American science fiction writer, Octavia Butler passed away in an accident on Saturday aged 58.  Although I knew of Ms Butler I have never read any of her work.  Ramblings of an African Geek however is a great fan of science fiction and has often written about  Black writers of this genre such as Ms Butler and Nalo Hopkinson.  I actually have a copy of Skin Folk by Nalo Hopinson that has been sitting around for months.  I think now is the time to open it up and also try readingOctavia Bulter’s new book,  Fledgling.   On Octavia Butler he writes

"Like a lot of black science fiction fans I came across her work at a time when I was growing increasingly frustrated at the lack of people who looked like me in a medium I enjoyed so much. As such she wasn’t just a great writer to me. She, and writers like her are symbols of the fact that the subtle limitations that the world tries to place on who I can be and what I can do with my life are illusions. For that I will forever be grateful."

NYC Indymedia recently interviewed Ms Butler. on her new novel "Fledgling"

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  1. demmy

    this is sad. iam a fan of hers and her novels for exceptionally being a black female in mostly white male vocation. r.i.p

  2. Clair

    I will sadly miss her unique voice and what her black identity brought to the worlds of science fiction. Black women scifi writers are few but add enormously to the genre.I also ENJOYED her work so much. A new Octavia Butler was an event and its disgraceful that my local library holds only one of her books. We should all lobby our local libraries to add more of her work to their archives.

  3. Clair – I know you are a great sci-fi fan but I did not know you also read Octavia Butler. As I said I have never read any of her books but know of her. I have promised myself to read at least one so I await your recommendation.

  4. Clair

    Well Kindred I suppose is the classic novel. But I remember loving Parable of the Sower and part of the Xenogenisis Triology but I can’t remember which one. Its always been the case for me of only being able to find one or 2 of her books anywhere. So disgraceful!

  5. The Guardian finally writes an obitury to Octavia Butler
    The piece is written by Kodwo Eshun, Ekow Eshun’s brother