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Gordon Parks: 1912 – 2006

Gordon Parks – African American photographer, poet  and film director (Blaxploitation films in the 70s).

“”That was my first day in Washington DC, in 1942. I had experienced a kind of bigotry and discrimination there that I had never expected to experience. And I photographed her after everyone had left the building. At first I asked her about her life, what it was like, and it was so disastrous that I felt that I must photograph this woman in a way that would make me feel – or make the public feel – what Washington DC was like in 1942. So I put her before the American flag with a broom in one hand and a mop in the other. And I said: ‘American Gothic.’ That’s how I felt at that moment. I didn’t care about what anybody else felt. That’s what I felt about America and Ella Watson’s position inside America.”


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