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Blogswana is an innovative blogging project initiated by the Committee to Protect Bloggers. The idea is to enable those whether because of lack of access to the technology, lack of funds or neither the expertise, time or literacy,   cannot  blog themselves to . The project will take place in Botswana and will involve about 20 university students who will commit to a year of "blogging for others".  Each of the students will have a blog of their own plus blog for their "partner" who must be someone who has been affected by AIDS in one way or the other.

The idea is to bring voices from the far side of the digital divide into the global conversation and to rehumanize AIDS in a time where the west has seen AIDS-related mortality decline. By blogging about a person first, the disease will be seen again, we hope, in terms of its human context. AIDS in Africa is, for many in the west, a combination of statistics and abstract tragedy.

Links: (via My Hearts in Accra) How AIDS in Africa was overstated – infection rates in Botswana are the highest according to this survey, between 34.9% and 37.3% of the adult population 

With the Invisible Children Project  the over privileged mainly white youth of America get to go on a little adventure trailing their sleeping bags and bags of goodies to spend one night on the 29th April on the street supposedly replicating and highlighting the plight of the children of Northern Uganda. Watch the movie, watch the RVs in motion – And to top it all they will get to "feel good" afterwards.


  1. Man. That RV sounds pretty sweet. Will WE feel good afterward too? Seriously, thanks for mentioning us. We’ve got a project blog up by the way:

  2. Theres a difference between “feel good” projects and projects that are worthwhile and actually make a difference to someone’s life – so yes you should.

  3. what an absolutly amazing idea!! I wonder if it would be possible to translate this into something we could do in the U.S.??
    just amazing idea, thanks for posting all these blogging possibilities…

  4. ps. that show is *f**ked* up.

  5. that invisble child shit ie beyon f-cked up. i am more embarressed to be an american everyday.

  6. INivisible Children agree — the whole idea is nauseating – the website, the video its all shite.