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Tampons are a woman’s right

Campaign for Zimbabwean Women’s Dignity
Back in March I pointed to a report in Sokwanele on the Zimbabwean government reaching the limits of absurdity by insisting that donated sanitary towels be quality tested before exempting them from import duty.


ACTSA (Action for Southern Africa) are coordinating a campaign supported by Sokwanele to highlight the health issues related to the lack of accessable sanitary towels and tampons in the country.

This isn’t simply a story about shortages of yet another type of product. Shortages of sanitary ware go to the heart of women’s rights: it’s an issue which raises questions of whether a woman is forced to stay away from work or school; whether she is putting her health at risk by picking up infections or, if she is HIV positive, whether those infections will literally shorten her life span. In short, a lack of affordable hygienic sanitary products translates directly into issues of women’s rights as well as women’s dignity.

Please support the campaign and help spread the word.

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