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Africa Day & other stories on the continent

Today is Africa Day – remembered by Ms K at “au lait

It’s hard to keep up with these days – everyday is a different day – of course. Are these days new inventions? How did we know about them 5 years ago in the BB (before blogging) era or even further back 10 years ago bwww (before the world wide web)? Yes I know it started way back but when regular ordinary citizens started using it.

To mark the day, I found a couple of posts from White African who continues with his mission to network Africa –
The first is “News Map” which isnt just Africa but for the purposes of this post that is all I am concerned with. It’s a map of Africa and you click on any country to get that country’s news:

Africanewsmap.jpgNigeria’s news of the day: the fight against fake products. Producers reportedly use the money from fake good sales to fund other illegal trade such as arms trade, slave trade and trafficking – they are all connected. Whilst most of us would never dream of supporting slavery, trafficking women and girls for sex or arms trade, we think nothing of buying fake goods from t-shirts to watches, DVDs etc etc. Tough one.

Some news on malaria that sounded promising from the headline but by the time you read through the piece there is nothing there, just a load of meaningless words – strange.

Finally Nigeria is going to take a tougher stance against illegal immigrants – that is Nigerians travelling to Europe. It was only a matter of time before Europe changed strategies from dealing with illegals at its borders to going to stopping the migrants at their source.

Comptroller-General of Nigeria Immigration Service (CGI), Mr Chukwura Udeh, has said the recent meeting between European countries of France, Spain, Malta, Greece and Portugal and the Magreb countries of Morocco, Mauritania, Tunisia, Algeria and Libya was to ensure that activities of illegal immigrants are checked.

The second of White African’s posts is Zangu News “African News for Africans by Africans” which is still in a beta version.

In summary, we believe that the web can truly impact Africans living in Africa in a profound way. The trick is to make the social power of the web available to them through both the internet and mobile phones. Mobile phones being the most common technological platform that Africans have access to since the mobile explosion on the continent started in the mid-1990s.

The idea of forward thinking to provide this service via mobile phone technology is a brilliant one and bypasses traditional internet/email access for millions of Africans who do not have access to the internet.

If your blog has African content you can sign up to the Beta version of Zangu News here


  1. france is fighting anti-immigration from the source too, now. i think that was the point of Sarkozy’s mission to africa this week.

  2. uaridi

    I did not know about today – Africa day. Could have done something. Thanks for reminding us.

  3. Honey

    Negativity is becoming the id card of Nigeria.Rejection of Nigerians in Europe is just a proof of my strong belief that when you throw yourself out at the wrong person,he spits you out of his mouth like bad water.But that does not reduce your worth in any way.All you’ve got to do is pack yourself up and live your life.Not all dreams come true.The ones that don’t come true dont deserve your person.

  4. Sokari, thank you for the plug about Zangu! As you know already, we’re optimists and really do believe that embracing web technology will change Africa for the better.

  5. H-Net is an interdisciplinary organization