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Action Alert, HIV/AIDS

Blogswana update

Blogswana (Botswana Aids and Blogging) which I blogged about a couple of weeks ago needs the support of the blogging community to help with their project.

Flickr tagging: If anyone has photos of Botswana hosted on Flickr please tag the photos with “Blogswana” so they can pick them up via a Flickr feed – the first photos have come through see here

Sound recordings: If anyone out there has any sound recordings from Botswana please leave a comment on the blog.

Logo contest: “We would like to announce an “open source” design contest for a Blogswana logo” the winning design will be featured on t-shirts sold via Cafe Press and used to raise funds – full instructions on their site.

NGO2: Curt and Brian of Blogswana are interviewed on The World and it should be available to listen to in the next couple of days once they have got their Botswana sounds.