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Freedom for Egyptians

Egyptian blogger Alaa Abd El-Fatah was arrested along with another 10 Egyptian actvists in Cairo yesterday. They were demonstrating against the detention of another 60 activist detained 2 weeks ago.

The first group of Egyptian activists arrested two weeks ago was supposed to have their cases reviewed by prosecution today, so as to release or renew holding them under investigation. In solidarity with them 200 Egyptian lawyers approached as a defense council, a number of judges, and a number of activists among whom were Alaa and his colleagues gathered around the court house. Authorities denied the activists entry to the court house, in addition to attempting to present the “detainees” files only, and not the detainees themselves to prosecution. For hours, Alaa and his fellow activists shouted slogans against the government, sang and showed solidarity with their detained fellow activists. At the end of the demonstration Egyptian police forces surrounding the group increased, refused to let them leave and started picking those to arrest, Alaa and ten others.

The original Egyptian arrests were as a result of a campaign to keep the Egyptian judges independent of the executive authority which was interfering in their work.
If you are not an Egyptian, SandMonkey has a letter template that you can use it with some modifications and send it to the Egyptian embassy in your country.

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