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Zuma acquitted

Jacob Zuma acquitted of rape charges – surprise surprise –

The judge who delivered the statement said

The complainant was inclined to accuse men of raping her or attempting to rape her.
Basically the woman was mad – she was ashamed of having sex with Zuma so she cried rape

Would a woman go through, abuse, humiliation, living in hiding, have to live in exile for the rest of her life – all to make a false accusation of rape – I certainly wouldnt!
The judge also claimed Zuma would not have risked raping her with his daughter in the house and security guards outside should she cry out – so she cried out what would the security guards do – the boss is with a woman and they are going to rush in and do something? Is this a two bedroomed flat where his daughter is in the next room?
Oh yes Zuma did get a telling off by the judge for having unprotected sex – oh you naughty boyit was “totally unacceptable” for a man to have unprotected sex with a woman who was not his regular partner, especially knowing that she was HIV-positive.”

The verdict is a loss for the Khwezi and for all the other women who will now be deterred from reporting rape knowing that they cannot expect justice to be done. That their personal lives will be invaded in the courtroom should it reach that far. That their credibility as sane people will be challenged. That she will be abused and denigrated in the media and on the streets. That other women will stand against her and heckle her.

There is a conviction rate of less than 7% in rape cases; Less than one in nine women report rape in SA; a woman is raped every 26 seconds in SA;

The odds were stacked against Khwezi from the beginning and made worse by the media reports and the pro Zuma campaign against her –


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  1. Grace

    Just saw it on the news. It is pretty tragic. Especially seeing the crowds of Zuma-supporters (mostly men, but some women) chanting outside.

  2. I understand there was a credibility issue with the woman because she’d made a number of apparently false rape claims in the past. But in this particular case, I’m not sure why she’d fabricate it if she thought of Zuma as a respected uncle-like figure as everyone agreed.

  3. Disgraceful!. But did u really expect anything different?

  4. Comment by post author


    No did not expect anything less – as I said in the post the odds were stacked heavily against Khwezi from the beginning and the disgusting displays of hatred against her demonstrated outside the country with the burning of her photo and name calling – this was political and they took the easy way out – an aquittal and basically women got a kick in the stomach by the judicial system

  5. I had been keeping track of this story (much as I have been observing the Duke Lacrosse scandal) via the internet and the occasional blurbs on CNN, and no, I was not surprised by this ruling either.

    It’s sick and it has to be stopped. More power to all of the anti-rape/sexual-violence activists in Africa, and the brave African women and girls who speak up, and demand justice!

  6. SHAME SHAME SHAME. When is it acceptable to have sex with a young daughter of a close and long-standing friend? Someone that calls you Dad!Uncle!Father!

  7. What if… she were a white woman? Would the white South African judge have handed down the same verdict? I could just imagine what this verdict would have been if she were and we could roll back the clock say 16 years.

    Not that it should make any difference what race or color the alleged rape victim was in this court case, but the outcry and outrage from South African voters and general population and perhaps even from the world press and media may have been different.

    Zuma should step down from national politics in South Africa, or be publicly asked to retire by the political and economic powers that rule South Africa. Never happen though.

  8. Comment by post author


    An excellent point BRE – now that would have been an interesting situation! I do agree that he should step down but judging from his statements in the press over the past 24 hours I do not think this is going to happen. Am writing some more on this and will post later today.

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