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Cancer journeys

This is part of a piece I wrote about a year ago and I just felt like saying it again because breast cancer makes me angry, pisses me off, makes me want to scream. It also makes me cry, makes me strong and makes me stubborn. Kitron and her partner are travelling the journey of pain that is breast cancer. The journey – it gets easier at some points but just when you think you are finally reaching the end you turn the corner only to find that the road hasnt ended instead there is a bloody great 10ft wall to climb. But it does end because we are humans and we survive. Keep the anger, keep the tears, keep being stubborn, keep fighting and keep loving – I think that is the answer to surviving.

This is what I think about breast cancer.

The truth of the matter is women do not want to see one breasted women because it brings them face to face with a possibility. Men do not want to see one breasted women because it is a sign of empowerment which openly challenges male privilege, power and patriarchy. The breast cancer industry does not want to see one breasted women as it compromises their millions of dollars in profits. (prosthesis, mastectomy bras, swimsuits and various cosmetic accessories cost double the price of regular ones). Politicians don’t want to see one breasted women because it reminds them and us that they have done very little to prevent cancer via legislation and regulation of industry and the environment. The medical profession does not want to see one breasted women as it is a reminder that research into causes of cancer has been manipulated and compromised by corporate greed on the one hand and lack of funds on the other and of course reconstruction is a big part of the plastic surgeons work.    The more of us that remain invisible to all of the above including each other the easier it is for the world to continue in its denial of the extent of breast cancer disease.

“She stood in defiance to societal rules that said that she should hide the fact that she had breast cancer.” Remembering Audrey Lorde

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  1. i really, really liked your writing about how you feel about breast cancer. it is all so interconnected, everyone is out to make themselves look good when the women who are suffering become their pawns of greed and representation.